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We are passionate about creating unique video game experiences that evolve from one player to the next, fostering long-lasting affinities, even after the final boss.
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We all enjoy playing games with fun and innovative gameplay mechanics. However, we believe systems should not only be entertaining, but should also serve to expand a game’s depth, tying together each and every element. Whether they fit seamlessly with one another, or they serve to embolden the story, every aspect of our games are meticulously designed to enhance each playthrough and inspire you to delve deeper into your own journey.


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Deep, evocative stories are the best parts of role playing games. Elaborate tales that pull you into a much stranger universe and inspire you to explore new and enthralling worlds are what makes this genre so satisfying.

Video games should not only provide us with interesting and creative mechanics, but should also drive us towards a sense of wonder and enlightenment.

It is for this reason that we strive to create vast worlds filled with rich characters and unique narrative elements. We harness innovative forms of storytelling, combining approaches borrowed from visual novels and print fiction, to greatly improve your ability to identify with and further enjoy playing games.

Greater Sense
of Agency

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In all aspects of a video game, you should feel that you have the ability to influence your virtual environment. The power to control the way your characters grow and develop throughout the story, or the weight of your actions changing the fate of a nation, you should always be able to sculpt your own experiences. This is why we strive to develop a deeper sense of control within each and every game we make. Only then can you truly be empowered to live your adventure.


<u><b>Crimson Fate: Allegiance</u></b>

Crimson Fate: Allegiance

Crimson Fate: Allegiance is an action-oriented, tactical role playing game set in a wintry landscape shrouded in ancient mystery, crippled by feuding political factions, and ruled by an elite class of mages that can spill their blood to unleash immense powers.


Take the reins of a small army of blood mages as you are thrown into a country rife with political turmoil. Develop intricate battle strategies while harnessing one of three distinct schools of blood magic as the choices you make alter the fate of a nation—and its people.

About Us

TwinSoft Studios is a Montreal-based, independent video games studio that focuses on making new and exciting role-playing games by mixing highly immersive and interactive narratives with exciting, customizable gameplay experiences. Our main goal in developing role-playing games is to make games that we ourselves would want to play and that could provide the player with a unique, memorable, and engaging experience.

Julian Glass-Pilon

Creative Director

Jeremy Glass-Pilon

Writer & Executive Producer

Li Zhi He

Technical Director

Roxanne Sirois

Artistic Director

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TwinSoft Studios
1515 St. Catherine West EV.11.625
Montreal, QC. H3G 1M8

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